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Numaflow allows developers without any special knowledge of data/stream processing to easily create massively parallel data/stream processing jobs using a programming language of their choice, with just basic knowledge of Kubernetes.

In this section, you'll find sample use cases for Numaflow and learn how to leverage its features for your stream processing tasks.

  • Real-time data analytics applications.
  • Event-driven applications: anomaly detection and monitoring.
  • Streaming applications: data instrumentation and movement.
  • Any workflows running in a streaming manner.

Numaflow is still a relatively new tool, and there are likely many other use cases that we haven't yet explored. We're committed to keeping this page up-to-date with the latest use cases and best practices for using Numaflow. We welcome contributions from the community and encourage you to share your own use cases and experiences with us. As we continue to develop and improve Numaflow, we look forward to seeing the cool things you build with it!