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Numaflow is a Kubernetes-native tool for running massively parallel stream processing. A Numaflow Pipeline is implemented as a Kubernetes custom resource and consists of one or more source, data processing, and sink vertices.

Numaflow installs in a few minutes and is easier and cheaper to use for simple data processing applications than a full-featured stream processing platforms.

Use Cases

  • Real-time data analytics applications.
  • Event driven applications such as anomaly detection, monitoring, and alerting.
  • Streaming applications such as data instrumentation and data movement.
  • Workflows running in a streaming manner.
  • Learn more in our User Guide.

Key Features

  • Kubernetes-native: If you know Kubernetes, you already know how to use Numaflow.
  • Language agnostic: Use your favorite programming language.
  • Exactly-Once semantics: No input element is duplicated or lost even as pods are rescheduled or restarted.
  • Auto-scaling with back-pressure: Each vertex automatically scales from zero to whatever is needed.

Data Integrity Guarantees

  • Minimally provide at-least-once semantics
  • Provide exactly-once semantics for unbounded and near real-time data sources
  • Preserving order is not required


  • Session Window (1.2)


Numaflow Demo

Getting Started

For set-up information and running your first Numaflow pipeline, please see our getting started guide.